Sales Acceleration System – CRM

Are you ready to accelerate your sales?

At i-NHSS, we have partnered with leading technology expert, TopBuilder Solutions, to provide you a CRM platform customized with The Official New Home Sales Development System®.

TopBuilder Solutions offers a new home sales specific CRM system with Lead Management, Marketing Automation, Branded Email Marketing and a branded industry Newsletter all in one easy to use web based software system with no contracts, training or termination fees, and with features no other CRM on the market has.

TopBuilder Solutions includes the Bob Schultz edition, the Gold Standard of lead management for residential builders. See for yourself the benefit of having the i-NHSS Best Practices Built In for More and Faster Profit

Finally, an industry specific solution that is easy, effective and affordable, with no contracts

The Bob Schultz Edition Menu In TopBuilder Solutions

Watch the Bob Schultz Edition Explainer Video

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