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Building Personal Story Relationships For Homebuilders In The Digital Era & “The Golden Family Rule”

Published Jan. 2017 By Glen Trotta, President of Worldwide Realty Network

During recent visits to 12 communities of a leading National and South Florida New Homebuilder I was surprised to learn all of the follow-up was via email templates and not one new home sales professional ever called me back. It seems they have telephone phobia.

I announced myself as a cash buyer ready to close and and made it very easy to start a relationship. Today’s new home sales professionals are so “digitally- automated” that they think it is the customer’s role to build a relationship. I received email templates or automated form emails and was never touched personally after my physical visit to their sales offices.

What happened to a telephone call within 48 hours, hand-written thank you note or some memory point from my first visit? Perhaps a telephone call with an invite to take a closer look at amenities or attend a community event?

I imagine now that the new housing market has recovered, many managers and new home sales professionals have dropped essential skills needed to engage a customer. Instead they think the “digital age” will take care of that.

How many more sales can we make if we build more relationships and treat our physical visitors, email leads and phone calls as if they are family? At some point soon new home sales professionals will have to sharpen their skills or be trained on relationship building, since they may have begun their career during the “digital age”. Do they have the skills necessary? Have the asked questions about the buyer’s dominant motivations, family, education, health or community needs?

My experience shows that they are waiting for the customer to be the one who reaches out personally. While I have seen many sales produced from digital sources, I have yet to see a new homebuyer purchase without coming to the property and building some type of relationship with the new home sales professional or the Builder.

Cheers to those who have been trained in relationship building and know how to embrace a customer in the same manner they would their family. Let’s call it the “Golden Family Rule” treating customers as if they are our family.

Hopefully we are using the telephone to call our family and our communication is not restricted to texts email templates, or mobile retargeting.

Glen Trotta has held executive leadership roles with leading National public and private homebuilders. During his career he has managed and closed more than 20,000 new home sales in 300 communities and qualified/delivered more than 40 million square feet valued over $4 Billion. Trotta is the owner and president of Worldwide Realty Network– a licensed Florida Real Estate Brokerage, General Contractor and Property Management Company that serves homebuilders and private clients with these services including sales, marketing, construction and consulting services.

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