Because He Has Skin In The Game

One of the first evaluations and assessments Bob Schultz and Glen Trotta conducted involved Addison Reserve Country Club, because that is where Bob lives. Knowing Addison Reserve faced these common challenges, in June 2019 Bob began an assessment and a series of detailed presentations that involved over 300 hours of cumulative time with his team researching and providing detailed presentations identifying the multiple causes of the problem and providing a series of solutions, only to have this work dismissed by the Addison Reserve Real Estate Task Force Committee.

Based upon his decades of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the problem and workable solutions, Bob cannot sit by and let this action go unnoticed or unchallenged. Throughout this process, Bob has met with board members and others. He’s made it crystal clear that he believes in working on issues like this “through proper channels within the system”. But, for whatever “their” reasons, that was not to be. 

Bob was asked specifically by the Committee to create a Request For Proposal (RFP) based on what he believed would be required for a successful real estate operation that would provide all of the benefits that an HOA can receive, as well as value added member services, and increased real estate sales and home values. When that RFP was approved by the Committee, he was then asked to provide answers to those questions to use as a guideline and benchmark by which to measure RFPs received by Realtors and Brokers. This information is very important to understanding the reasons why many members are concerned about the process being approved by the board. It might take 15-20 minutes to read. Here is the link: Request For Proposal

Although the Real Estate Task Force Committee proclaims it has operated in total transparency, their actions do not support that claim. None of the committee meetings have been open to members. Consequently no member has any understanding of what evaluations and negotiations have led up to the recommendation provided to the board for action in their July 31 meeting. Excerpt from Friday July 31 e-blast from the CEO of the Homeowners Association.