Consultants and Advisors to Homeowners and Condominium Associations

Many homeowners and condominium associations in Florida are dealing with a similar problem. When the communities were first brought to the marketplace by the developers, there was a focused and cohesive marketing strategy working in conjunction with an organized sales operation which provided the optimum environment to sell homes and condominiums within those communities. But, after the developer turns over control of the community, that optimum environment no longer exists

The Solution

The Founders and Principals of the HOA Real Estate Network, Bob Schultz & Glen Trotta, have 9 decades of combined experience, with their expertise focused on consulting, training and implementation of sales and marketing management systems for homebuilders, residential community and condominium developers. During previous housing recessions this expertise was called upon by REO, REITs and Financial Institutions to manage distressed/problem real estate workouts.


The Dilemma

When owners in these communities desire to sell their homes, typically their choices are limited to local real estate brokers, or trying to sell it themselves, and this becomes challenging because neither of those two options provide the focused and cohesive marketing strategy working in conjunction with an organized sales operation that are required to generate sales at the highest possible market price in a timely fashion.


A Greater Challenge

As outlined in this article from Business & Economics Journal The Moral Hazard of Mandatory Membership in Private Clubs, homeowners and condominium associations that require mandatory membership in private golf and country clubs face a far greater challenge. The increased cost of ownership from assessments and rising maintenance fees is one of the fundamental reasons why a significant majority of homeowners in private country club communities in Florida experience decreases in their property values. 


Assessment & Specifications 

1. Assessment of Addison Reserve Home Sales in Today’s Marketplace

2. Positioning of Addison Reserve, Marketing, and Identifying Qualified Potential Members/Homebuyers

3. Challenges and Opportunities to be Managed

4. Value Added Member Services providing discounted listing fees

5. Sales Personnel and Reporting

6. Sales Projections

7. Next Steps – Non-Dues Generated Revenue. Explore the possibility of establishing appropriate business relationships with title companies, mortgage lenders and, if needed, with qualified contractors to “update” their homes and apartments as needed for the current marketplace. All potentially providing direct non-dues revenue to the association.

A Case Study Example


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