If selling homes or condominiums to be built, what is the estimated number of closings that must occur in a 12-month period of time to be on track to reach your “break-even” number?

If selling inventory homes, what is the current cost for carrying unsold inventory, i.e., interest, maintenance, insurance, etc.? New Home Sales Comes Together 


CRM System – Statistical Data to Determine ROI and Conversion Ratios of Marketing & Advertising Dollars Spent – How a Good One Can Strenghten Sales 

Proficiency of Your Sales Team as Seen Through the Eyes of A Potential Homebuyer – Inspect What You Expect

Results of a Competitive Market Analysis & Positioning – The Foundation of Your Marketing Circle and Keep It Current

Model(s) and Sales Office Setting; Staffing and Hours of Sales Operation – Proven Ways to Increase Sales and New Home Sales Recruit With Purpose

Strategic Realtor Relationships – Motivating a Cast of Thousands and Outsourcing Your Sales

There are no quick fixes or silver bullets to systemize and maintain a high-performing sales organization. The transformation that we trigger and the jointly curated culture that results doesn’t happen overnight; it happens over time. It’s not rocket science, but it is a science!

Learn and earn from those that have accomplished what you want to accomplish. Paying someone to teach or implement what they have never done is a high price to pay” was so boldly said by Pegine Echevarria, renowned business development and leadership coach.

When you are ready to take the next step to begin moving toward optimum sales results (and you wouldn’t be reading this message if you weren’t) please contact us to set up a mutually convenient time to discuss getting started.

Our CRP Consortium looks forward to the opportunity to work with you and take your business to new heights!