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    Keeping Up With the Legend

    Keeping up with a Legend.. Bob Schultz interviewed at Unleashing Human Performance event by Quint Leers – Builder Radio.

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    Bob Schultz

    One Of The 50 Most Influential People In Home Building
    Builder Magazine

    Legend Of Residential Marketing
    National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

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    Bob Schultz

    Bob Schultz’ programs are the most effective systems available today for the new home industry.
    Tom Hopkins

    Bob Schultz is easily the most professional and knowledgeable person teaching new home sales & sales management that I have ever met in my life…literally the best in the business.
    Brian Tracy


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    Bob Schultz

    Listen to what he has to say and put his techniques and principles into practice, because if you do, I’ll see you at the top.
    Zig Ziglar


International New Home Sales:
Welcome to the passion of Bob Schultz and the International New Home Sales Specialists.SM

Discover what more than four decades of new home building sales experience and expertise provides Builders/Developers, Sales Management & Sales Associates –and Realtors® who serve them – the unparalleled ability to excel at the practice of selling new homes.

The Global Standard

At i-NHSS we exist to be of extraordinary service to home-builders, developers, and Realtors who serve them…to help them sell new homes and maximize their profits.

We are recognized as The Global Standard in new home sales because of our comprehensive, world-leading curriculum and for our rigorous training and development practices that bring about changes in behaviors, not just learning.

Globally, we work with our clients to help them create and manage a superior sales force all the while enhancing their profitability by providing operational & managerial best practices. As The Global Standard in new home sales we provide the highest Return on Investment (ROI) for your consulting dollar.

Our Guiding Question

“Doing what you’re currently doing, the way you’re presently doing it, how much sales revenue and profit are you missing? And what you doing about it?”

Together we can answer this.


Sales Professionals

Empower yourself to take your sales from good to great, and from great to extraordinary, with our Official New Home Sales Development System®.



Regardless of the market, we can help you create an action plan to target missed sales and profits.


Builders | Developers

No matter what or where you build, i-NHSS helps you successfully increase your revenues and decrease your costs.



Discover how you can create and maintain a long-term relationship with builders and developers that can lead to profitable, perpetual listings.

Obtain The Highest ROI for Your Costs of Time, Energy, Money and Lost Opportunities.

Focusing solely on the practices of selling new homes for more than four decades, i-NHSS is the global leader in helping builders, developers and Realtors sell new homes. Why do they keep choosing i-NHSS?

  • Proven, Most Effective, Curriculum

It works. I-NHSS offers proven systems that work to make more sales and more profits show up. This isn’t enterTRAINment, this is real, deep training & education that moves your bottom line.

  • Experience & Expertise

Bob Schultz has unparalleled real world experience – in residential sales, sales management, marketing, profit management, executive management and REIT/Lender Owner Work-Outs. And with that “in-the-trenches” expertise he wrote THE book on New Home Sales.

  • Legendary Acclaim

More than 100,000 builders, developers, Realtors and sales associates have attended i-NHSS events or been a part of the curriculum.

Clients Work With Us In Many Ways to Increase Revenues, Close More Sales & Become More Profitable.

There’s The Official New Home Sales Development System® & New Home Sales Specialist℠ Curriculum; Recruiting Systems; Custom/personal consulting, training, coaching and mentoring; Live interactive video conferencing; On-site, Up-Close & Personal Presentations & Workshops including the New Home Sales Boot Camp® and Serious Sales Management℠; and a variety of a la carte books, DVD’s and Video Mystery Shops.

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