When Placed In Command, Take Charge!

As a Sales Manager, V.P. of Sales, Director of Sales, V.P. of Sales & Marketing (whatever your title may be), we believe it’s your mission to lead and motivate a high-performing sales organization; with a focus to increase revenues, while at the same time, decreasing unnecessary costs.

With this mission in mind, The International New Home Sales SpecialistsSM constantly ask these three questions:

1. Doing what you’re doing, the way you’re we’re presently doing it, how many sales and how much profit are you missing?
2. How much money is being wasted in the process?
3. Together, what can we do to help you fix it?


We Have The Answer. Get Started Now.

Interested in Increasing Your Team’s Conversion Ratios?

Customer-in-Process (CIP) Analysis & Action Plan SystemSM

Generates sales that otherwise would be missed

Evaluate Your Sales Organization & Market Position

Understand where you are now

Utilize A Targeted Compensation ProgramSM

Don’t over pay for under performance

Create & Foster A Franchise Mindset

Establish & Measure Mutual Expectations

Hire And Retain Only The Right People

Use a methodical process, not instinct

Provide Proper Staffing

Be open for the convenience of your customer not your sales team

Create A Culture of Sales Training

With High Accountability For Extraordinary Performance

Our Customer-in-Process (CIP) Analysis & Action Plan System sm will help you do just that. Fill in your name and email and receive your free report.