About i-NHSS

No One Is More Passionate About Selling New Homes Than i-NHSS. Why? Because Home Is The Most Important Place on Earth.

Home is where we retreat, relax, re energize and connect deeply with family and friends – the most important place on earth. And New Homes are the latest in mankind’s evolutionary expression of what home can be.

Home builders and developers take on the incredible challenge of providing new homes. It is a very risky assembling the land, coming up with marketable designs and building new homes to hit certain price points. It is why we owe them such great respect. And why we love them dearly at i-NHSS.

Then there are the Realtors and sales associates who put it on the line to help prospects with the most important purchase they will make in their lifetimes. It is deeply valuable and satisfying work. Noble work, really. We owe these professionals a lot of gratitude for delivering a great home to their customers and for satisfying the demands of the builder/developer.

It’s that simple, that deep, and that inspirational for us. Here’s to the team of people that bring us the most important place on earth:


And welcome to the passion that is i-NHSS.


Mission Vision Values

Mission – Why We Exist

To be of extraordinary service to homebuilders, developers, and Realtors who serve them…to help them sell new homes, build their businesses, and maximize their profits so they have enough money to live a good life.

Vision – The Global Standard

To be The Global Standard — the highest standard — in consulting for homebuilders, developers and Realtors — helping them create and manage a superior sales force all the while enhancing their profitability by providing operational & managerial best practices. As the Global Standard we will be the company of choice and provide the highest Return on Investment (ROI) for their consulting dollar.

Values – Guiding Principals

Selling New Homes is different than selling cars, resale homes, tech equipment, ad space & phone systems. Live the difference.

We will spend our client’s consulting dollars as if they were our own – the recommendations we make are the ones we would make if we owned their business.

Because home builders, developers & Realtors take on such a great challenge, we as consultants and sales experts in the industry have an OBLIGATION to them, to be the best that we can be.

Fundamentals are more important in a rapidly changing, ever changing world. Learn them. Practice them.

Win- Win or No Deal – take care of all stakeholders

Treat people with respect.

Do the right thing.

Be in continuous learning and practice.

Be in the practices of producing trust. Always.

The Most Valuable Education & Training for New Home Sales.

i-NHSS education & training is more important, more useful and more worthwhile than any other new home sales offers on the market today, anywhere in the world.

More Important

Sell more homes while reducing costs FASTER than than any other training.

Build esteem for your sales professionals while helping to create a powerful culture for selling.

A complete, comprehensive curriculum that meshes professional sales education and training, sales management training and system implementation, and ownership concerns to help you become more profitable than any other education that exists today in residential new home sales.

Remember — other sales training may not be focused solely on selling new homes.

Other sales training does not work as fast or as well increasing your costs and forcing you to leave money on the table.

Other sales training not as comprehensive so you will have holes in your training, practices and systems.

Other sales training may not be proven to work.

More useful for

Improving closing ratios

Reducing time of sale

Increasing revenue/profit per sale

Reducing sales turnover

Creating a complete new home sales system including management and technology considerations

More worthwhile

As the leading new home sales specialists we offer the highest ROI for your CONSULTING dollar in the world today.

Help you sell more homes FASTER than any other training

Provide different levels of training so your rookies, middies and seasoned pros work from the same playbook

For building a powerful sales and management team