i-NHSS Curriculum: Online & Live Interactive Video Conferencing

The World’s Most Effective New Home Sales Training, Now Available Anywhere, From Any Device.

i-NHSS has joined the cloud movement, adopting a proprietary Learning Management System to proctor our industry-leading training services, providing our clients with exclusive access to a suite of digital tools that help students learn faster, managers lead and coach better, and achieve results SOONER – all while reducing overall program costs in the process.

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Course Offerings


The Industry’s Unique Gold Standard New Home Sales Education, Training, & Coaching System is now available online.

The Official New Home Sales Development System® curriculum is presented in three progressive series, leading toward designation as a Certified New Home Sales SpecialistSM. The principles and techniques are universal, producing transformational results for thousands of professionals from around the world.



The concepts and principles required to perfect your new home sales presentation and implement the Sequence for Success are learned, practiced, drilled and rehearsed.

Whether you are “new” or a “seasoned pro” , this series delivers core programs that will ensure you have a thorough understanding of The Official New Home Sales Development System® and be prepared to move to the Advanced Level.


Building on the Essential Level,  this series delivers enhanced skill development programs in demonstration, closing, negotiating, selling to different behavioral profiles, Follow-Through® and more.


The ultimate goal. Through performance you show that you are mastering the skills you have learned by demonstrating them at the conscious and unconscious competent levels.

Availability, Accountability, Affordability

  • Live, Interactive Video Conference Training

The Official New Home Sales Development System®, our curriculum based sales training program, is enhanced by frequent and congruent Live Interactive Sales Training, bringing your sales team together regardless of their individual locations.

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  • Deployment in 24-48 Hours

i-NHSS online is designed to be lightweight and efficient, enabling us to deploy anywhere in the world within 24-48 hours, and empowering our clients with the world’s most effective new home sales training when they need it most.

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  • Reports & Accountability

Maximize your ROI. We provide the tools you need to protect your training investment – monitor, track, and evaluate your team’s coursework progress in real-time, and correlate their resulting sales success.

  • Quizzes & Tests

In addition to tracking participation, quiz and test modules allow us to evaluate a student’s learning progress, generating grade reports that enable instructors and team managers to objectively identify a student’s strengths as well as areas of improvement.

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  • Unmatched Accessibility & Affordability

By making coursework available online and utilizing online video conferencing, travel costs and printing costs are significantly reduced – making the i-NHSS sales training curriculum more affordable and accessible than ever.


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