The Official New Home Sales Development System®

The industry’s ONLY new home sales training curriculum, designed just for you.

It has been tested and proven over time.

Now it’s your chance.

The Official New Home Sales Development System® curriculum is presented in three progressive series, leading toward designation as a Certified New Home Sales SpecialistSM. The principles and techniques are universal, producing transformational results for thousands of professionals from around the world.


How it works



The concepts and principles required to perfect your new home sales presentation and implement the Sequence of Success are learned, practiced, drilled and rehearsed.

Whether you are “new” or a “seasoned pro” , this series delivers core programs that will ensure you have a thorough understanding of The Official New Home Sales Development System® and be prepared to move to the Advanced Level.


Building on the Essential Level,  this series delivers enhanced skill development programs in demonstration, closing, negotiating, Follow-Through® and more.


The ultimate goal.  Through performance you demonstrate that you are mastering the skills you have learned by demonstrating them at the conscious and unconscious competent levels.

Developing Your Professional Persona

The Sequence for Success
• Perfect Your New Home Sales Presentation
• Connect the Dots
• Life Cycle of the Home Buyer
• The Buying Process
• Becoming a Professional Communicator
• The Five Minute DrillSM Experience

Developing Your Closing Persona

• The Pursuit of Franchise Excellence
• How Selling is Like Golf, Tennis, Football, Jazz

Preparing for the Main Event

• Simulated SellingSM Experiences
1. The Five Minute Drill
2. Discovery Mastery
3. Managing Objections
4. Closing Mastery
5. Adapting Behavioral Styles

• Preparing for the Main Event- The Second “See Me With The Customer” Evaluation

The Five Minute Drill>SM Experience

• Creating My Business Plan

Differential Selling Skills

• Presentation & Demonstration Strategies
• The Five Minute Drill Simulated SellingSM Scenario
• Identify & Adapting to different Behavioral Styles
• A Compressive System For Managing Objections
• Using Technology in the New Home Sales Process
• Obtaining Testimonials
• Strategies For Effective Appointment Settings
• Self-Generation of Traffic & Referrals
• Defending the Builder-Strategies and Techniques for Successful Negotiating
• How To Sell During A Parade of Homes
• Selling More Options & Upgrades
• Sort Out The Pipeline
• Selling The Master Planned Community

Our program is fully scalable – ready for deployment in any setting.


Individual or Group Training & Coaching


In-Company Training


Seminars & Workshops

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