There are more than 1.5 million new home starts in the United States and Canada annually.

Learn to take advantage of great opportunities.

You’ll be empowered to sell not just one property, but have an unlimited supply of inventory. And what makes this even better…,your profit margins on new home sales are generally larger than existing homes.  You can also capture the listings of new home buyers who need to sell their home. Receive MLS volume credit for builder sales you achieve.

Home builder & developer sales provide Realtors® a source of long lasting revenue.

  • Perpetual Listing Machine
  • Super-Size Your Revenues
  • Listing & Sales Volume Credit

What’s In It For You?

REALTORS® — Become The Expert in Home Builder Sales & Marketing Management and Open Up An Exciting New Source of Revenue.

Whether you’re a broker, sales associate, or owner of a local, regional, national or international real estate brokerage firm NOW is the time tap into the expertise of i-NHSS and become the Builder New Home Sales expert and leader in your area. What’s in it for you?

Greater Contribution to the Bottom Line

The revenue derived from Builder New Home Sales provides a greater contribution to the company bottom line than typical resale transactions.


Self-Perpetuating Listings

Learn how to develop a long-term, long-lasting relationship with a builder and you’ll have “perpetual listings” and mega sales over many years.


Recruiting Opportunities and Expansion

Agents of your competitors interested in Builder New Home Sales will be attracted to you because of your leadership and superior associate training giving you a recruiting edge and opportunities for expansion.

Residual Revenue Opportunities

In Builder New Home Sales it is quite common that many buyers also have an existing home to sell. i-NHSS will show you how to capture a large portion of these. And there are other potential income opportunities such as market specific research, marketing/advertising, mystery video shops, etc.


You’re Positioned for the Downturn

i-NHSS will help you develop the expertise and top-drawer reputation in New Home Sales so that you will be hired by financial institutions with troubled residential “workouts” when the next downturn hits. Cycle-proof yourself with Bob Schultz’s REIT / Lender / Owner workout expertise.

Why do the management teams & agents from firms like…

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…look to i-NHSS?

  • Proven System That Works

First Bob Schultz was a top sales producer, then sales manager, and then VP of Sales & Marketing. He has the in-the-trenches expertise. That’s why i-NHSS education and systems work to dramatically increase revenues and reduce costs of sales & marketing for new homes.

  • We Wrote the Book

We wrote the book SPECIFICALLY on New Home Sales education and training…and then we rewrote the book, and rewrote the book. Four decades in the making, we offer a robust new home sales educational curriculum and a complete system to build, manage and grow extraordinary builder-focused brokerage operations.

  • The Global Standard

Globally known as the trusted, unparalleled leader in proven best practices, Builder New Home Sales training, marketing, management systems and strategic consulting for REALTORS. We maintain the highest standards so you can be the leader in your market, wherever you’re located throughout the world.

The Biggest Challenge:

Anyone with a real estate license can list a builder’s homes and sit the model, but few add value.

Your Greatest Opportunity:

Leverage the i-NHSS Value-Added Secrets to make it BIG TIME, OVER A LONG TIME in home builder sales.

Here are just a few

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Click here to read Bob Schultz’ March 2016 article on outsourcing sales for builders in Professional Builder – home building’s premier magazine.

Leverage Our Expertise, Education and Reputation To Jumpstart Your Journey To Become The Expert in Builder New Home Sales.

i-NHSS is the perfect “plug-in” to your existing real estate education and training because it focuses exclusively on Builder New Home Sales. Our education and training is up to speed and ready to go. We love counseling and coaching Realtors®. We’ll teach you how to position yourself as ‘the expert” in builder- developer sales. We provide the resources you need to understand & take advantage of the differences between general real estate brokerage and new home sales. With i-NHSS you’ll learn how to:

  • Organize a highly successful new home sales operation
  • Recruit and create a high performing new home sales team
  • Implement high performing new home sales training programs
  • Close a marketing and sales management agreement with a builder
  • Negotiate big win/win contracts with Builder/Developers that have large volume sales incentives

What Realtors® Have To Say

About Going “Big Time” With I-NHSS.


Early in my new home sales career, I attended every seminar given by our local Southern California SMC. Several years later, Bob Schultz came to town, so of course, I went to his seminar as well. Within the first hour light bulbs were flashing in my mind, I knew they will help me sell more homes. Bobs understanding and way of presenting the sales process is the best sales development to be had in the industry. I owe a lot of my success to Bob in my 36 years of real estate sales. Santa Fe, New Mexico,  January 2014

Tim Galvin - Sotheby's International Realty

In 1980, I learned about Bobs training program. My company hired him to conduct some evening sessions for our small sales staff at Woodfield Hunt Club in Boca Raton. His teaching and motivational skills have only improved over the 34 years I have known him. In addition, I continue to admire his enthusiasm and his constant dedication to update the programs and integrate all of the modern information and techniques available. Boca Raton, Florida, February 2014

Diane Clark - Boca Raton Realty, Diane Clark & Associates

I’ve written six agreements since I returned. Most of these clients had shopped competitors prior to my meeting them, which makes the sale that much sweeter. I have answers to my top 10 objections memorized and am able to deal with those swiftly and precisely. In addition to that I pick one new technique per week and try to perfect it. I pretty much have every step I take and every word I speak thoroughly rehearsed at this point. Extremely confident (thanks to you all) that at this point I’m much more prepared than any of my competitors. River Cities, Columbus, GA

Richie Eubanks - Keller Williams Realty – River Cities

What Realtors® Need To Do To Capture The Builder Market

Take a closer look at our Builder New Home Sales philosophy in action and see how it adds revenue and profit to your bottom line

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