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New Home Sales: How It All Comes Together

Profit management requires constant focus and proactive involvement to know the cost and to analyze the results of your marketing expenditures….

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New Home Sales: When Business Is Good, Make It Better

For many builders, business is good if not excellent. When that is the case, the possibility that success can lead to…

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New Home Sales: Recruit With Purpose

Like the popular television shows “Survivor” and “American Idol,” this recruiting process will eliminate potential salespeople along the way until the…

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New-Home Sales: Inspect What You Expect

Now more than ever, it’s critical to measure, evaluate, and improve your sales process. Bob Schultz, Contributing Editor July 08, 2014…

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New Home Sales: It’s Halftime

Staying focused at mid-game Bob Schultz, Contributing Editor July 02, 2014 We are at the midpoint in this year of what…

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New Home Sales: When Realtors Manage Builder Sales

A hybrid approach to managing sales with Realtors can bring more focus and closings for your new homes. Bob Schultz, Contributing…

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Preparing For The Main Event

NEW HOME SALES Practice makes perfect, and simulated selling helps your salespeople show what they know. Bob Schultz, Contributing Editor April…

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The Hawthorne Effect And Your Sales Management Possibilities

NEW HOME SALES Bob Schultz, Contributing Editor March 13, 2014 Here is an easy-to-implement tactic with short-term benefits that also paves…

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Moneyball For Home Builders

NEW HOME SALES Sales representatives need to have a passion for knowing the numbers that are critical for scoring closings. Bob…

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The Opportunity For A Breakout Year In Sales

NEW HOME SALES Debunking the myths of social media and Internet marketing Bob Schultz, Contributing Editor January 10, 2014 Warren Buffet…

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