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How To Spot The Prima Donna Syndrome

Don’t let your super sellers with bad attitudes control your sales organization. Here are some simple guidelines for handling a prima…

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Conquering The Six Stages Of Grief

No builder or sales organization has ever successfully navigated through difficult times by relying on hope. Here’s a look at the…

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The Story Of One Builder Who Believes

Even in the toughest of housing markets, builders that adopt and believe in the fundamentals of new-home sales will find success….

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Don’t Let Stock Market Swings Impact Sales

David Barista September 5, 2011 One of the many harsh realities we’ve grown accustomed to during this economic downturn is…

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Recruit Your Dream Team In 10 Easy Steps

Many managers spend more time researching the purchase of office equipment than on hiring their representatives. New-home sales management expert Bob…

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How To Tackle The ‘I’d Love To Buy, But I Can’t Sell My House’ Syndrome

Plenty of consumers are shopping around for new homes, but they believe they can’t buy until they sell. New-home sales and…

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Publisher’s Letter: Cut Through The Confusion

Several of us at Professional Builder are traveling the country this spring, speaking at The Pro Expos presented by Pella. The…

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Staffing And Management Techniques For Optimizing New-Home Sales

With far fewer potential customers showing up at new-home sales centers today, it’s more critical than ever not to miss sales…

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10 Key Sales Performance Measurements

Want to boost your sales conversion ratio? Here are 10 performance measurements to apply to your sales operation. By tracking each…

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How To Cultivate A Take-Charge Culture

Having a clear strategic vision, demanding accountability, and performing as both a leader and manager are vital to taking charge of…

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