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Closing the Sales Fulfillment Gap, Part II: Action Amidst the Angst

Builders weigh in with their own, still-evolving solutions on how best to shepherd customers from contract to closing.Scott Sedam, Contributing EditorNovember…

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25 Proven Ways To Increase Sales

A comprehensive strategy for reviewing and improving your sales operation Bob Schultz, Contributing Editor November 15, 2013 If you look at…

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Selling To Women Home Buyers

Compared with men, women have a different approach to the process of purchasing a home and, in many cases, ultimately decide…

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It’s Not Easy (Or Cheap) Being Green

Selling energy-efficient systems requires a bit of comparative math to make the value and savings more tangible to potential home buyers.Bob…

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Capture More Sales From Traffic That You’re Already Generating

Measuring and ranking the quality of your potential buyers are among the keys to raising your conversion rate.Bob Schultz, Contributing EditorJuly…

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The Importance Of Staying Focused In A Re-emerging Market

As more homes begin to sell, all of the players involved in sales eventually will get some benefit from the momentum…

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Word Is The Market Is Coming Back? Are You?

Having been in this industry for more than 40 years, I know from personal experience that our industry has always recovered…

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Motivating A Cast Of Thousands

The two trophies most builder sales operations covet are more qualified traffic and more sales. An often-overlooked way to attain both…

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Strategies For Selling More Options

New-home sales expert Bob Schultz offers proven tactics for increasing high-margin sales revenue through options and upgrades.Bob Schultz, Contributing EditorFebruary 18,…

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13 Sales And Marketing Strategies For 2013

Sales training and management guru Bob Schultz offers a blueprint for improving your sales and marketing efforts.Bob Schultz, MIRM, CSP, Contributing…

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