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3 Social Media Myths Debunked

Being “liked” and having many “friends” are highly overrated if you’re not making measurable sales as a result, says sales management…

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Bob Schultz: How Builders And Developers Can Partner To Boost Sales

By forming a true sales and marketing partnership, land developers and home builders can team to increase sales of both homes…

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Techniques For Mastering Social Media In New Home Sales

Four social marketing experts offer best practices for utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media tools to market your company….

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Sales Strategies: What The Housing Giants Are Doing

Three Housing Giants share their sales successes, challenges, and strategies for growing their businesses in the recovering housing market. Bob Schultz, President…

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Put Some Pop In Your POP

Increase sales revenue immediately by focusing on your point of purchase experience with prospects and customers. Bob Schultz, President and CEO,…

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How To Sell Homes Using Incentives

In today’s market, home buyers have come to expect incentives and discounts from builders. New-home sales guru Bob Schultz offers advice…

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New-Home Sales Techniques: 12 Action Steps For 2012

Generating new-home sales revenue and reducing unnecessary costs are not all that complicated — when you have a clear and concise…

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How To Spot The Prima Donna Syndrome

Don’t let your super sellers with bad attitudes control your sales organization. Here are some simple guidelines for handling a prima…

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Conquering The Six Stages Of Grief

No builder or sales organization has ever successfully navigated through difficult times by relying on hope. Here’s a look at the…

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The Story Of One Builder Who Believes

Even in the toughest of housing markets, builders that adopt and believe in the fundamentals of new-home sales will find success….

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