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How Small and Medium-Size Builders Can Prevail

The playing field is far from level for small- and medium-size builders competing against large, publicly held, and regional builders. Working…

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Repost of “Bob Schultz: Hidden Perils In A Hot Market”

Every builder, Realtor and sales professional that has survived the housing recession of the past few years is happy to finally see that behind us. Sales are climbing and the outlook – for at least the near future – is bright. However, we’re not ‘out of the woods’ just yet.

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This is a Focused, Highly-Trainable “Rookie” You Better Keep An Eye On

I recently receive an email that stood out to me. Tre is a “rookie” to new homes sales. I’ve worked with…

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An Astonishing Observation About Underperforming New Home Sales Operations

It’s a fact! Most homebuilder sales operations are currently under producing by at least 20% (or more). We can help you fix it, GUARANTEED.

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2016 Was A Very Good Year—Or Was It?

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time for some crystal-ball gazing and best advice for next year Bob Schultz, Contributing Editor   “It…

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Are Co-Op Sales Worth It?

They can be a silent profit leak, but there are also good reasons to make co-op sales work Bob Schultz, Contributing…

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Bob Speaks About Human Performance Unleashed

Human Performance Unleashed: The Event August 1-4, 2016 • Fort Worth, Texas REGISTER TODAY.Use Promo code “BOBUNLEASHED” for 25% off (Limited…

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Value Added Services – Quick Look

How do you separate yourself from the herd and become the Realtor of Choice for top home builders & developers in…

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Bob Schultz Speaking at Human Performance Unleashed

“Increase business profits through your people.” This 4-day seminar is designed to help you master your leadership skills in sales, management,…

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What Realtors Need To Do To Capture The Builder Market

A new home sales division is a great opportunity — a residual revenue opportunity with self-perpetuating chances to sell new homes!…

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