How do you separate yourself from the herd and become the Realtor of Choice for top home builders & developers in your area? Provide more value added services than your competitors. Here’s a quick look at the elements your company can provide:


Dedicated Site Staff

Exclusive site staff philosophy to get more total sales
Develop a superior relationship with the produce & builder

Comprehensive On-Going Training – be the expert in new home sales

Higher conversions ratios
Faster absorption
Lower builder carry costs
Local Industry Participation

“Be the eyes and ears for what’s going on in the industry for your builders.”

Marketing/Strategic Plans

We’ll show you how to be the expert


Comprehensive spreadsheets on Excel to supplement client’s system

High-touch/High-tech Concepts

Multi-media kiosks, Holograms
CAD demos, Virtual Reality

Competitive Product Analysis

Unbiased perspective
How to sell against, future product planning

Site Specific Intelligence

Sophisticated traffic analysis & feedback to better utilize marketing dollars

Customer In Process/Mystery Video Shops

Improve sales associates performance

Prove to builder you are doing all you can to improve their sales

CRM / Marketing Automation Tools

Be the expert in the latest tools
Help builder reduce costs, keep better track of customers
Develop highly predictable sales funnel

This is just the short list. Download the full list and discover the value added secrets of i-NHSS.