The customers ask questions such as “What kind of people live here?”  or “Whats the ethnic make up of the neighborhood?”

Be tactful with your answer and maintain a positive additude

Make absolutely sure that you don’t violate federal law.

Q – What kind of people live here?
A- nice (happy) people. I’m curious, why do you ask?

 (Listen to what they say and how they say it.) Respond with:
“Well, according to Federal law, Namely the Civil Rights Act and the Fair housing Act,no one involved in real estate is allowed to discuss the ethnic, racial or age make up of any particular neighborhood because to do so would be a violation of those federal laws. I’m sure you understand. You wouldnt want us to break those laws, would you?”

If they continue to ask, respond with :

“I have answered your question to the extent allowed by law. May i ask you, are you a member or representative of of any federal, state, or local government agency or civil rights enforcement group?”

If yes, they will have to disclose it. Respond with:

Great! how did I do?
Wait for their response. remember they have to live somewhere too, so then proceed with:

“Good, which one of our homes would you like to own.”