i-NHSS & Paveya

Paveya Announces Strategic Partnership with The International New Home Sales Specialists


Collaboration includes first comprehensive marketing-for-sales system in the building industry.

Paveya, a leading global internet marketing firm specializing in the home building industry, and Bob Schultz, an “NAHB Legend of Residential Marketing” and the global leader in new home sales training, have joined forces to create the home building industry’s only all-in-one marketing-to-sales system. This unprecedented system is called M4S$ (Marketing For  Sales Revenue). It provides any organization or individual that is responsible for producing new home sales with everything needed to generate more high-quality leads and how to convert and manage those leads to provable sales. The system is focused on reporting accountability and measuring ROI of marketing dollars.

The M4S$ combines a highly customized marketing plan with a hands-on sales training program. Paveya creates and implements a customized internet marketing plan based on their proven inbound marketing process for quality lead generation. This process combines content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, and marketing automation software to attract qualified website traffic and convert visitors into high-quality leads.  Bob Schultz andTheInternational New Home Sales Specialists provide 24-7 access to customized online sales training and instruction to ensure sales professionals successfully convert these high-quality leads into actual home buyers. M4S$ combines highly integrated features including marketing technology and sales training, as well as CRM that tracks every step of the sales process, and includes a Follow Through® System to convert leads to sales, and real-time reporting on each step of the process to measure accountability.

Bob Schultz, Founder and Chairman of  The International New Homes Sales Specialists explains, “The internet and social media provide great opportunities for homebuilders to generate sales, but until now, there has not been a system to provide the key end result – converting website visitors and social followers into home buyers.  The problem is that most of the current batch of consultants who are promoting individual marketing services have little or no proven experience with new home sales.

Additionally, until now, there has been no integrated, complete and holistic marketing-to-sales strategy for new home sales that can be implemented and measured. Too often, one person creates a website. Somebody else does the SEO. Another person does the social media. They may get ‘likes’ and followers, but then what?  I have taught for decades, that, when it’s everybody’s business, it’s nobody’s business. Now with this system, that’s all changed!”

Raju Uppalapati, CEO of Paveya, adds, “I’ve been in the home building, sales and real estate industries for two decades, and I have first-hand experience with the types of challenges builders face every day. In the past, it’s been difficult for builders and real estate professionals to measure the return on their marketing dollars and analyze how well marketing efforts are working. It’s also been difficult to determine where leads come from on the Internet. The industry has been missing a tool that can provide an all-in-one system to generate leads with effective marketing and then convert the leads into sales. Knowing that building companies were missing these crucial capabilities led us to create this one-stop product.”

The M4S$ will provide builders with a powerful new way to increase their home sales and see a real return on investment for their marketing dollars. This partnership between Paveya and Bob Schultz establishes a shift in the home building industry toward a more effective relationship between new home sales and marketing.


About Paveya

Paveya is a full-service internet marketing firm specializing in the home building industry. A HubSpot Certified Agency and member of the National Association of Home Builders, Paveya provides effective web design and inbound marketing services to attract qualified website traffic and convert visitors into home buyers. Paveya’s leadership has extensive experience in the home building industry, having built over 2,500 luxury homes and sold over $1 billion in real estate over the past twenty years.

About Bob Schultz and the New Homes Sales Specialists

Bob Schultz and The New Homes Sales Specialists are the preeminent new home sales training, management, and business strategy resource. For more than 40 years, builders, developers, real estate and new home sales professionals worldwide have achieved unparalleled sales success implementing Bob Schultz’s curriculum-based sales and management systems.